​​"Holistic Health and Wellness"


Angel Touch Therapy & Consulting LLC
Angel Touch Therapy & Consulting, LLC is a unique Health and Wellness Company consisting of Qualified Massage Therapists, Hands-On Healers, Holistic Health Advisers and Chiropractic Doctors dedicated to helping you relax and improve your health while experiencing heaven through our holistic health therapy services and products.


We offer On-Site and In-Office therapeutic massage, relaxing exercises, vitamin consultations, skincare consultations, meditation/prayer techniques, motivational encouragement and other wellness care services and products to businesses, groups, athletes and sports teams.

We offer different massage techniques such as acupressure, deep tissue, reflexology, Swedish and sports massage sessions to fit your individual needs.

Our sessions aim to stimulate and stretch your mind, body, and spirit while releasing toxins, negative thoughts and improving flexibility. Proper breathing allows more oxygen to be absorbed in the blood stream.

Increased oxygen in the blood stream leads to clearer thinking, enhanced senses and greater productivity. Renew your mind, body and spirit!  Chair and table top massages are available.